About Us

PANICPOP is a clothing line inspired by pop culture.

Also Korean punk fashion with a sprinkle of hipster & streatwear.
Im just trying to make or find cool clothes for you to enjoy. 

packing shirt order


So whats the story?

I hope this is at least a little inspiring.



While I was in high school the 2009 recession came around and I wanted to help my family by getting a job. So I went around town applying to all the restaurants and such. I didn't get accepted anywhere, I guess all the other teens were thinking the same thing. At the time I was constantly trying to create a business and expected PANICPOP to be another failed attempt. I failed so many times that I felt like the world was against me. It feels like "you just cant win". But I was a hustler and knew not to give up! I watched endless hours of business advice, photoshop tutorials, web programming, and of course motivational videos. Together with my lil bro we created the website and designed some merch. It was an amazing feeling to finally get our 1st online sale.

Life Changer    

For months sales where terrible, and none of our grass roots marketing was working. But just one good idea can change your life forever, and one day it hit me. The week I implemented my marketing idea we sold everything! The next month we made 10k! Its what we where hoping to make in a year. Yeah it was a life changer. I was euphoric. Finally I knew the world isn't against you. You can win!  

Dont Get Comfy  

My parents doubted PANICPOP would become anything and my mom even said "I hope you sell those shirts before you retire". It felt good being able to tell them that my brother and I didn't need any money for college. So the three of us (me, my brother & best friend) went to the same college and rented a house together. Damn it felt good to move out. Overtime we got comfy and addicted to video games. As you can imagine PANICPOP went down hill. So much so we had to kick our best friend out of the business. It was an emotional moment. 

 Im Back Baby

Its time to stop neglecting my baby. I redid the entire website, introduced tons of new products and you can even order custom designs!  

So what to takeaway from this?

If you are still in high school or even college stop fucking around! You need to learn as much as you can on your own! Surround yourself by like minded motivate individuals. If you cant that's fine, just don't surround yourself by distractions. It wont be easy and it wont be fun. If it was everyone would do it. Realize that not everyone is ambitious. Create the habits of success. It doesn't matter how talented or intelligent you are if you don't do anything with it. "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard". Work hard and work hard every day until it takes no effort because its now who you are, its now habit. Its better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all and regret it!
I believe in you!
- Peter Milko -